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By Pranav Harish For Daily Mail Australia

01:28 21 Oct 2023, updated 01:32 21 Oct 2023

A young couple have shared the horrifying moment a stranger hacked their baby monitor and began talking and watching their one-year-old daughter. 

Poppy Radbone and her partner Jay woke up to the sound of their daughter Blossom murmuring gently at their home in Adelaide on Wednesday, September 25 at around 6am. 

The pair were shocked when they then heard a man talking to their baby through the monitor in an attempt to comfort the baby. 

Jay, a rapper and songwriter who also goes by his stage name J-MILLA, rushed into his daughter’s room thinking the stranger was inside. 

He then realised the sound of the man’s voice was coming through the baby monitor and took it out of his pocket straight away. 

The couple uploaded a video to their TikTok page talking about their terrifying ordeal to the thousands of users who follow their social media account. 

‘Our baby monitor got hacked this morning,’ Ms Radbone said. 

She is then seen holding up the black and white device, which is fitted with cameras capturing footage of the area it’s installed.

[I] woke up to someone talking to our one-year-old on the f*****g camera,’ she said. 

Jay also addresses the incident in the short clip. 

‘For real it’s like six o’clock in the morning and we can hear our daughter just grizzling in bed,’ he says. 

‘Next minute we see this man f*****g start talking to her’.

‘I was thinking some c*** was in my daughter’s room looking over her… and she [Ms Radbone] was making out someone was in the house’. 

‘I boot the f*****g door open…I’m ready to swing at this c***’. 

Ms Radbone says the incident left her shaken and worried, and she wanted to find out if this had happened to others. 

‘I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else though it’s really scary and we don’t know what to do…’ 

The pair urged other parents to keep an eye on their children and consider the type of electronic monitoring device they choose to use. 

Parents Jay and Poppy (pictured) took to social media to detail their horrifying experience after they heard a man’s voice talking to their one-year-old daughter through a baby monitor
Ms Radbone (with partner Jay) said the terrifying incident had left her shaken and worried

‘Parents, be careful out there [be]cause c***s are hacking into these things and watching…’ Jay says. 

On the morning of the incident Ms Radbone’s phone, which is linked to the baby monitor, sent an alert after the device recognised that her daughter’s cot was moving. 

She told Yahoo the device had been set up since her daughter was three months old and she is fearful of what the man may have already seen through the monitor, including the private moments she has had with her little girl. 

‘Sometimes we’re in there half-naked,’ she said. 

The video was flooded with thousands of comments from users who revealed they encountered similar experiences using the device. 

‘Someone did this to us with my 11-month-old daughter!!!! They were watching us in the hallway until we saw the blue light on the ring camera,’ one user said. 

‘We have the same monitor and we never witness [sic] it but my son came to me and said no more camera my camera talking to me [sic] we haven’t used it since,’ another wrote.

‘It happens a lot unfortunately there is a baby monitor at Kmart for $99 doesn’t need wifi. U [sic] can tell the cops but they probably won’t do anything.’ 

Others said the device must not be connected to Wi-Fi to prevent incidents like this from occurring. 

‘I have the one from Kmart (it’s also a v-tech) but it’s the chargeable one and you don’t need wifi!’ another said. 

Ms Radbone said she reported the incident to police but they did not tell her what to do following the incident. 

The young couple (pictured) urged other parents to be careful when using the device

Managing Director of Cyber Security firm Trend Micro Tim Falinski told Yahoo that while incidents like this don’t often happen, parents who use these devices must be vigilant to such issues. 

‘As more of us use integrated smart devices in our everyday lives, which are connected to the internet, threats are always just around the corner. This leaves us vulnerable to attacks,’ he said. 

Cyber security incidents such as these can be reported to the Australian Signals Directorate’s Cyber Security Centre. 

Those who encounter these situations can also contact police for assistance.

What you can do to prevent cyber security breaches on devices?

Update the software on all your devices.

Create strong passwords that are longer than four characters in length and use letters, numbers, and symbols.

Protect your devices and accounts with two factor authentication.

 Save files, documents, and data by having them backed up regularly.

















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