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GRANGEVILLE — Tension was palpable as more than 60 people attended the Mountain View School District 244 meeting Thursday, Oct. 12, held at the Grangeville High School library.

Several members of the community spoke to concerns with district communication, issues with safety, library policy alarms and district financial worries.

“I was disappointed in the district’s response concerning the recent teacher issues at Clearwater Valley High School,” patron Erin Price-Smith told the board during public input.

Without using names due to confidentiality issues, Price-Smith spoke about the recent arrest of CVHS teacher Kamm Mangun.

Patron Erin Price-Smith discusses concerns about communication and safety for kids at CVHS.

“Our kids need to feel safe. I felt there was focus on ‘covering the behind’ instead of focusing on ensuring safety and making sure our kids are OK, and they are getting the necessary support they need.”

Patron Kristie Huntsman raised concerns about an incident that occurred at Grangeville Elementary Middle School Oct. 4 where a first-grade student brought a fake gun to school and threatened other children with it.

“As the mother of a young child at the school, it was quite alarming to not have communication from the school until way, way later after the incident occurred,” she said. She urged the board to think about “where we are in the world. This is not Mayberry.”

Patron Renita Hausladen stated she has been ignored by the board as she has brought several issues of noncompliance to their attention regarding coaches being certified in a number of mandatory areas, as well as additional concerns within the district.

“I am really worried about a levy being able to pass, and it will have consequences for our kids that will not be good,” she emphasized.

Cami Strausser brought forward concerns with district library material and gave examples of inappropriate matter to the board, which was not read aloud due to minors being in the audience. She implored the board not to abide by American Library Association (ALA) standards and to “protect our children.”

“As a trusted advocate of child safety, my hope is that you will work to ensure that explicit adult content is not placed with materials for minors within our schools,” she stated.

Tiffany Schurtz spoke on problems she has with ALA and offered “safeguarding.” Safeguarding online is defined as protecting children from maltreatment whilst in the care of the school; preventing anything that might impair a child’s health or development within the school environment; ensuring that children grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care; and taking all necessary actions to ensure that children are given equal access to the best learning and life outcomes.

“This includes responding to parents’ concerns as soon as possible,” she added.


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