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Cloud commerce marketplace provider Pax8 is offering resources and tools to help partners establish their own cyber security practices.

Based on the CIS Control Framework, from the Centre for Internet Security, the programme will help managed service providers (MSPs) bolster their defences, protect clients against attacks and achieve greater overall cybersecurity defense.

Launched today at Pax8’s Beyond conference in Denver, Colorado, the new security programme takes partners on what Pax8 described as a “curated journey”, guided by a dedicated account team to help them become cyber proficient.

“As cyberattacks continue to rise among the small-midsized business market, more companies are turning to managed service providers for guidance,” said Vicky Critchley, corporate vice-president of partner experience at Pax8.

However, MSPs often struggled to maintain their cyber security proficiency in the fast-changing landscape and to demonstrate the benefits of cybersecurity investment to their clients, she said.

The programme features a business track delivering business and category-level education and enablement through virtual education while a vendor track provides vendor-specific education and enablement.

This includes on-demand training, professional services offerings and-assisted sales calls for MSPs looking to lift their practices.

Pax8 collaborated with cybersecurity powerhouses including Microsoft, SentinelOne, Cloudstrike, Acronis and Blackpoint Cyber in developing the programme.

A/NZ and Asia-based MSPs will have to wait, however. While the programme is now available in North America it will arrive in in APAC and EMEA later in the year.

In his keynote address to open the conference, Pax8’s newly minted CEO, Scott Chasin, shared his visions of how AI, automation and robotics would unlock new opportunities to change the MSP’s role.

In the near-term, he said, AI integration would become standard practice in every aspect of business, technology and life. Even better, however, was that AI would handle these integrations autonomously.

“AI will become a staple of every product MSPs sell and support,” Chasin said.

AI driven decision-making would mean MSPs would lean more on data, guided by AI agents for every decision. Integrated into customer relationship management, it would create more efficient selling opportunities for MSPs.

Cyber security would remain a top priority with attackers already using AI to mount attacks.

“It’s only a matter of time before we see more pervasive AI-powered ransomware,” Chasin warned gathered MSPs. “You will solidify your role as the primary and sole defence line and use AI to detect anomolies, predict attacks and even identify adversarial activity before it happens.”

Chasin also predicted MSPs would create their own personal marketplaces and curate tailored solutions for specific customer needs.

Finally, MSP market consolidation would persist and even accelerate.

“Fueled by significant interest in private equity growth, this trend shows no signs of slowing down,” Chasin said.

“I’ll make a prediction right now: we are going to see the first billion dollar revenue MSP in the next 24 months.”

In the mid-term there would be transformational shifts including the emergence of “autonomous” MSPs by 2030 where all routine tasks would be fully automated.

MSPs would evolve from service providers to strategic business partners, Chasin said.

“You will play a key role in shaping your clients’ business strategies, advising on technology investment and driving innovation,” he said.

“MSPs will form global collaboration networks, sharing resources, services technology and even clients. These networks will give rise to true partner-to-partner marketplaces and these marketplaces will enhance your collective successes and give you a competitive edge in the channel.”

Further out still, AI would be “embodied” and work among us through commoditised and general robotics, Chasin said.

Also announced today, four new vendors joined the Pax8 Marketplace: professional services automation and remote management tool provider SuperOps, MSP platform provider MSPbots, cloud management platform provider Kalibr8 and Auvik, a network management specialist.

They were among 22 to join in the last year with a further 20 expected over the next six months.

Over 1600 MSPs and around 5,000 people attended Beyond.

Rob O’Neill attended the Beyond conference as a guest of Pax8.


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