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Published: 2023-10-23T16:56:33

  ❘   Updated: 2023-10-23T16:56:44

New footage has surfaced showing Payday 3 players hacking content not present in the game, and some fans are wondering why.

It’s safe to say Payday 3‘s arrival was less than stellar, as the highly anticipated third entry suffered from matchmaking issues, HUD changes, and the switch to always online.

Since its launch, the heist title has faced an uphill battle. Patches have been in the works with hundreds of changes, only to be delayed until further notice. 

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The game’s forums aren’t exactly the happiest place on earth, as fans wait for fixes to come to the maligned title. That said, one player shared an interesting snippet of a hacking mechanic not found in the game.

The general gist of Payday 3 is players are thrown into a semi-open world sandbox. Players must figure out how to complete their missions, which range from robbing a bank to escorting vehicles.

One frequently used mid-match objective is to hack a certain device. It sounds cool, but the current system forces players to stand in a circle to progress a bar until the hack completes. Not everyone’s a fan of the mechanic, and many have lobbied for changes. 

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It seems like developer Starbreeze seemingly had a different system in mind. Shared to the Payday Subreddit, footage showcased a hacking mini-game that featured a node puzzle.

Much of the feedback left was overwhelmingly positive, as the general player base does not like the current system. “I’d rather do this over standing in circles. This is pretty cool wonder why they cut it,” commented one user. Another mentioned mini-games like these are enjoyable, as it would be fun to defend a teammate in the middle of a hack.

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Of course, not everyone thought this would fit in-game, with divided opinions amongst players. One stated, “These kinds of minigames never do well in any game lol,” while others thought it would work, provided the levels needed to clear the hack were reduced.

The user who shared this footage made it clear this was either cut or could come back in future updates. Payday 3 has plenty of content planned for the foreseeable future, so don’t be surprised if this hack finds its way in.

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