PayPal Phishing Scam News: Fraudulent Scheme Redirects Users to Obtain Personal Information, Photo

This phishing scam reportedly involves the redirection of PayPal users to a different website (hxxps://hellopc[.]co[.]nz/wp-includes/random_compat/error_polyfil.php) that will present a false login page. According to PhishMe, the page will only appear legitimate but is actually a fraudulent scheme. Once PayPal users input their details, the hackers are able to obtain their credentials. However, the scam does not end there.

PayPal users will then be shown another page where they will be asked to verify their account. To do this, they will be required to type in their personal information like their name, address and credit card details, among others.

After that, PayPal users will be shown another page where they will be asked to confirm their identity. In order to do this, the fake instructions will ask them to take a photo of themselves while holding up their ID and credit card.

As a precaution, PayPal users are advised to be alert when it comes to emails. According to PayPal’s security guidelines, fake emails usually contain suspicious links and attachments. In addition to this, these emails normally do not make use of personal greetings and good grammar. PayPal also assures users that the company does not send emails with direct links to a site that will require them to type in their sensitive data, including credit card numbers and passwords.

PayPal encourages users who suspect phishing to send the whole email to [email protected] in order to report it. After that, they are advised to delete the email from their inbox.

This is not the first time PayPal has experienced this type of phishing campaign. Earlier this year, a similar scam asked users for their social security numbers.


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