PCI drafts new regulation for pharmacy education to upgrade it at par with global standards

In a move to reform and upgrade the pharmacy educational system in the country, in line with the well accepted international pharmacy practices, the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) has recently framed the new draft regulation for pharmacy education and has sent it across to all the state educational departments in the country for their suggestions and comments.

It is understood that the Council through this proposed regulation aims to strengthen and modernise the pharmacy education in the country, which is believed to be far behind from the required benchmark adopted worldwide. Dr H G Koshia, vice president of the Gujarat State Pharmacy Council, informed that the Council has been working very hard on this draft over the last eight to nine months so as to ensure that the new regulations comply with the growing demands of the time, by adopting a systematic and competitive culture focused on practical and science based training modules.

Once the state pharmacy educational boards send in their comments to the PCI after sharing it with the stakeholders and getting their views, the final draft after being complied with required changes will be sent to the union health ministry for their perusal. He added, “There is a general consensus among almost all the pharmacy professionals across the country for an urgent need to upgrade our pharmacy education as per the latest global standards. This is because, today we have a hackneyed and outdated syllabus and regulatory set-up, affecting the standard of eduction imparted in the country which further diminishes the chances of Indian pharmacy students getting good opportunity worldwide. The proposed regulation will help in replacing the old one with more innovative and updated syllabus that is technologically and scientifically appealing to all.”

One of the important highlights of this proposed regulations is its special focus on taking important measures to instil ethical responsibilities among the teachers while delivering their duties. Through this new policy the PCI aims to regulate the functions of the teachers as well, to bring in more accountability among them by creating better awareness among the faculty members and administrators on their shared responsibility in imparting quality education to pharmacy student.

Dr Koshia informed that the PCI is keen to speed up this matter at the earliest to ensure that the policy can be in place sooner than later, after getting required nod from the central government.



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