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PDSB says letter alleging violence at Mississauga school not accurate | #schoolsaftey

The Peel District School Board (PDSB) says an anonymous letter alleging out-of-control violence and “disorderly conduct” at a Mississauga middle school doesn’t reflect all students.

The letter, which appears to be written by a Tomken Road Middle School staff member, claimed that students, teachers, and staff have faced countless unsafe interactions and that the school climate is one of “violence” and “fear.”

“It has become impossible to maintain any sense of dignity at our school,” the letter reads. “Students will ignore any boundaries or structure remaining at our school.”

“We write this letter as a desperate call for help to make changes to our learning environment to make it the safe place it once was.”

In an update, a PDSB spokesperson said the school board believes its “restorative approach to addressing unsafe behaviours is leading to positive outcomes” and noted that the allegations in the letter are inaccurate.

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The behaviours described in the anonymous letter circulating on social media are not widespread and do not accurately depict the vibrant school community or the wonderful work being carried out at Tomken Road Middle School,” Malon Edwards told CityNews.

“In fact, we’ve been hearing from students who are upset to see their school being depicted so poorly online.”

The note detailed disturbing incidents that allegedly occurred at Tomken Road Middle School, located in the area of Tomken Road and Dundas Street. The incidents included several examples of vandalization, violence, and verbal abuse by students toward other students, staff and teachers.

The letter also alleged that students have defecated on the bathroom floors in the building and “rubbed their feces on the wall.”

Edwards said that suspensions had been handed out to those responsible.

“The Superintendent has further met regularly with Tomken Road families, staff, and students over the past year and, following the circulation of this anonymous letter, has been present in the school community on a daily basis working collaboratively on plans to forge a path forward and cultivate a safe and respectful learning and working environment that works for everyone,” Edwards added.

The school board says the investigation into the letter’s contents is ongoing. The PDSB also confirmed they have some open inquiries about some of the specific incidents alleged in the letter. 

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