Penn Hills School Board votes for safety enhancements on school buildings | #schoolsaftey

School buildings in the Penn Hills School District will be going through some minor work in the next few days.

During the school board meeting on Wednesday, board members approved the removal of one door handle on all double door entrances on the school buildings.

According to Brandon Chabola, the district’s director of Plant Services, the move is to protect the people inside the buildings rather than keeping people out. The action was recommended after security evaluations from state police and third party companies.

“We’ve had outside companies come in to check the security of our schools from intruders, and one of the recommendations was when you have two sets of doors side by side, and you have two sets of handles, to remove one of those door handles,” Chabola said.

He said that when door handles are next to each other, there is a risk that they could get chained together and would prevent people from getting out of the building in an emergency.

He added that while nothing had happened in the district to cause the change, the incident had occurred at other schools around the nation, and they want to eliminate the risk.

“Only exterior doors of the buildings will be worked on,” Chabola said. “It’ll be a couple-day process. Some of our buildings have 22 entrances on the outside.”

He said that this is a fairly common procedure for school districts to take part in.

“I was at another district prior to this, and it was something on our agenda as well,” Chabola said.

The project will cost $4,600 from the district’s general fund budget.

No exits will be affected during the work.

Haley Daugherty is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can contact Haley at 724-850-1203 or [email protected].

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