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People are just discovering 10 lifesaver secret car hacks including one that will change how you drive at night forever | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

DRIVERS are just now figuring out how to use hidden features that will revolutionize how their vehicle operates thanks to expert advice.

TikToker Xiao Qiao shared her motors knowledge to help drivers maximize the use out of their cars before buying new.

TikToker Xiao Qiao revealed 10 hidden features in vehicles that will revolutionize how you driveCredit: TIKTOK/@chequanxiaoqiao
She demonstrated how to adjust the steering wheel, seat belts, and moreCredit: TIKTOK/@chequanxiaoqiao

In a recent video, the vehicle expert (@chequanxiaoqiao) revealed 10 hidden functions that most people don’t know.

First, she showed how to easily adjust the height and depth of the steering wheel.

Check out your vehicle to see if there’s a pedal right underneath.

If there is, just unlock it and the wheel will come loose, allowing you to push it up, down, toward you, or away from where you’re sitting.

The TikToker additionally pointed out that the sun visor can be used to block rays hitting you straight and on the side.

All you have to do is unlock the visor and pull it toward the driver’s side window to block that setting sun.

The bright lights from cars can oftentimes be blinding when driving on the highway at night.

Thankfully, the rearview window has an anti-glare function that can distill the distracting beams.

Just flick the little wrench underneath to change the direction of the mirror so it doesn’t reflect straight into your eyes.

Many people may also not know that the seat belt can be adjusted to the height of the driver by pressing a button on top and moving it up or down.

And if you just got a new car, it might be annoying trying to remember which side the fuel cap is on.

Luckily, many vehicles indicate which side to pull up to the tank by placing a picture and an arrow on the fuel level gauge.

For drivers with little ones, it might be important to turn on the child safety lock.

All you have is open one of the back doors and locate a lock inside the frame of the door.

Put your car key inside and turn it to prevent kiddos from opening the door from the inside.

And finally, Qiao pointed out how to fix a large gap that can pop up in the hood of your car.

All you have to do is open the hood and locate a black knob that’s on top.

Rotate is counterclockwise to adjust the gap and fix any inconsistencies in how the hood is sitting.

The tips come as drivers are just now realizing that one key button can make your interior as cold as possible.


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