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Even though law enforcement does a pretty good job of keeping us updated on popular scams in New York State. Scammers never seem to stop, they just come up with new schemes. While any number or area code could be a phone scam, there are certain area codes scammers seem to prefer. New York State residents should make note of these area codes.

GoBankingRates.com has compiled a list of “scam likely” area codes. According to the website, approximately 60 million Americans reported a phone scam in 2021. When I get calls from numbers I don’t recognize, even if they are from a familiar area code, I don’t bother answering. Any legitimate business calling should leave a message.

GoBankingRates.com says that these area codes commonly have scam activities operating in the area (or possibly using VoIP to spoof the area code or number).

Scam phone numbers and area codes are phone numbers and area codes where scam activity is prevalent.

According to McAfee, scammers may use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to pretend to call from a certain phone number or name that isn’t really where they are or who they are,

Call spoofing is when the caller deliberately sends false information to change the caller ID. Most spoofing is done using a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service or IP phone that uses VoIP to transmit calls over the internet. VoIP users can usually choose their preferred number or name to be displayed on the caller ID when they set up their account.

Beware of Calls From These Area Codes:

1. 232 – Sierra Leone (West Africa)

2. 268 – Antigua and Barbuda (Caribbean)

3. 284 – British Virgin Islands (Caribbean)

4. 473 – Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique

5. 649 – Turks and Caicos Islands

6. 664 – Montserrat (Caribbean)

7. 767 – Commonwealth of Dominica

8. 809, 829, 849 – Dominican Republic

9. 876 – Jamaica

GoBankingRates.com warns about a few area codes within the continental United States you should also watch out for also. That’s a bit more difficult, as you’re more likely to know someone in that area. But they recommend doing a quick Google search of the number to give you an idea of whether it’s legit or not.

712 – Western Iowa
218 – northern Minnesota
646 – Manhattan
657 – La Palma, California
332 – New York City
347 – New York City
469 – Dallas, Texas
216 – Cleveland, Ohio

You can get more info and tips about common scams here.

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