PEPCO Pakistan website hacked against police brutality on Qadri’s supporters

The official website of Pakistan Electric Power Company (Private) Limited (PEPCO) has been hacked by Pakistani hackers in protest against massive police brutality on protesters and supporters Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, a Pakistani politician and Islamic scholar.

Group goes with the online handle of Pakistan Haxors Crew and seems angry over the incident where police shot dead 8 protesters including women.

Hackers replaced PEPCO’s tender page with their own page.

According to the deface message hackers asked the police and government to stop killing the innocent people. Hackers also criticized the government role, pointing out ruler of Punjab province Shahbaz Shareef for being a two face politician.


At the end of the deface message hacker claimed that:

He is not affiliated with any political party, he hacked the PEPCO website for a cause and that cause is speaking truth.

Link of targeted website along with its mirror link is available below:

It all started last week when police raided Qadri’s secretariat office without court orders to remove security barricades. Things went brutal when police shot fires on protesters. 

About PEPCO: PEPCO is short abbreviation for Pakistan Electric Power Company (Private) Limited. The company is responsible for generating and distributing electricity all over Pakistan. 

At the time of publishing this article, the PEPCO website was hacked and displaying deface page left by the hackers.

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