Petition calls for Texas principals resignation over school violence | #schoolsaftey

Keira Gilmore, 21, attends the East Central ISD school board meeting to express her views on student safety concerns on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023. Her sister is a senior at East Central High School who says she was attacked by a male student at the school’s homecoming game on Sept. 15.

On Thursday night, September 21, several East Central High School parent took their frustrations over school violence to the school board. Parents described the violent behavior as prevalent and accused the school of lacking appropriate consequences for the violence, according to the report. 

An East Central High School senior was reportedly attacked in the stands at the school’s homecoming game on September 15 by a male student. She claimed the male knocked her over after she tried to de-escalate a fight between him and his girlfriend, according to Express-News. 


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“It’s all a blur to me because I hit my head so hard,” the girl said in an interview with the Express-News. “I just remember opening my eyes and seeing a bunch of people around me.”

The report says the student’s mother, Tana Almerico, said she found out about the attack from another parent instead of administrators who responded to the incident. Almerico called 911 when she arrived at the stadium to find her daughter “visibly distressed” and repeatedly saying she hit her head on a guard rail. The girl was treated for her injuries at an emergency room.

Following the homecoming attack, a Facebook page for East Central ISD parents overflowed with questions regarding the district’s response to the incident, according to the report. A petition created by Keira Gilmore, the girl’s older sister, calling for the removal of the high school’s principal Melissa Barnett Kocian over claims she is “discriminatory” and alleges that there has been an “increase in drugs, fights, violence, and suicide attempts which have been seen on campus between last year and this year.” 

As of Saturday, September 23, the petition has received over 700 signatures and says “before more students fall victim to the careless and damaging actions of BK, we move for her to be removed immediately.” MySA has reached out to East Central ISD with a request for comment. 


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Texas Education Agency data revealed East Central ISD reported 104 incidents of fighting, defined as mutual combat, during the 2020-21 school year, according to Express-News. During that year, the most recent data available, most school districts in Bexar County reported more fights and other violent situations than in the 2017-18 school year.

An East Central ISD spokesperson said the student was “presented with what the investigations revealed during a meeting we had with her and we gave a statement about the game.” The statement to MySA says there were nearly 10 speakers at the meeting that facilitated positive conversation “about community engagement and working together rather than divisiveness,” and that “growth opportunities are there.”

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