Phishers targeted my bank account

IT’S something you think will never happen to you, and when it does, let me tell you, your blood boils.

I’m talking about hackers, fraudsters, phishers, thieves, lowlifes or whatever you want to call them, those dodgy people who somehow obtain your sensitive information and attempt to steal your hard-earned money.

Last Wednesday night I casually checked my bank account in preparation to transfer my flatmate some money.

There was a transaction for $568, which I did not authorise.

The transaction was fraudulently linked to my online PayPal account.

I rang my bank immediately and they put a reversal on the direct debit transaction.

They also revealed the name of the person who made the transaction and said the person had credited my account the day prior of 25 cents. The hacker did this to check if my account was active. I didn’t recognise the name, and it was probably false anyway.

I had received an email from PayPal inviting me to activate my account on April 28, which I didn’t open, as I had an active PayPal account. Looking back, I should have deleted this email immediately.

After the bank, I rang PayPal, they deleted my bank account information, linked to my PayPal account and said they’d refund my money within 10 days.

PayPal said the hacker had my BSB and account number and I should change all passwords and shut down my bank account.

My money was refunded, though the moral of the story is to be wary of suspicious emails from PayPal and check your accounts regularly for unusual activity.


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