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Piers Morgan responds furiously as phone-hacking allegations raised again | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Even for the biggest Piers Morgan detractors out there, this is an uncomfortable watch. The TV host was the one under the spotlight this morning, and Laura Kuenssberg asked some difficult questions of her industry colleague.

Piers Morgan and the phone-hacking scandal – what are the facts?

Holding his feet to the fire, the BBC’s political anchor raised the issue of phone-hacking. During his stewardship of The Mirror, Piers Morgan is alleged to have overseen the unethical practice of getting into personal voicemails and extracting information.

While Morgan’s editorship during the phone-hacking era has led to suspicions and questions about his potential involvement, he has denied any wrongdoing, and no definitive prosecution has been enacted against him in relation to this matter.

However, a High Court judge recently ruled that Mr. Morgan was aware of the phone-hacking, and its use to produce ‘exclusive’ stories. This was put to the veteran journalist earlier this morning – and he snapped back venomously.

BBC grilling leads to heated exchange between two senior journalists

He repeatedly claimed to have ‘no knowledge’ of these events, and lashed out at ‘ne’er-do-well chancers’ who he claims have tried to smear his name. Morgan also took a swipe at the BBC, saying that they have ‘revelled’ in his misfortune.

“I’ve said it for 20 years, I won’t say any more. The BBC have made me the main story. I did not know about phone-hacking at the Daily Mirror, and there’s only one dubious case against me. There is no evidence I knew. People are spewing nonsense.”

“I’ve just answered you, and I’ve answered it before! If somebody who isn’t a ne’er-do-well chancer can produce the evidence, they must. I haven’t been allowed to defend myself! The BBC has revelled in this. It is galling.” | Piers Morgan

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