Pilot presses the wrong button, triggers airport hostage alarm – Naked Security

There’s an much-quoted, if often inexactly remembered, exchange in The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that goes like this:

ARTHUR: This is my idea of a spaceship! 
        All gleaming white, flashing lights, everything. 
        What happens if I press this button?

FORD: I wouldn’t...

[ARTHUR presses button]


FORD: What happened?

ARTHUR: A sign lit up saying, 
        "Please do not press this button again."

We’ve all been there – not in a spaceship, of course, but in front of a button that made us wonder.

And we’ve all been faced with the unexpected after-effects of pressing or clicking on one of those “she’ll be right” options.

The washing machine that was working fine but now won’t even open the door to let us extract the half-washed clothes; the computer that won’t turn on at all any more, let alone reboot; the hotel room at an unbelievably low online price that came back at $375 a night after we refreshed the page.