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In a world where cybersecurity threats loom large, Operational Technology (OT) security has become more critical than ever. PILZ, a leading automation solutions provider, is addressing this issue head-on with the introduction of the ‘CESA – Certified Expert for Security in Automation’ qualification.

PILZ Unveils CESA Certification to Combat Cyber Threats

February 13, 2024 – With cyber attacks increasing in frequency and sophistication, the need for robust OT security measures is paramount. Recognizing this, PILZ has launched the CESA certification program to equip manufacturers, integrators, and users of industrial automation systems with the knowledge and skills needed to counter these threats effectively.

Training Courses Focused on IEC 62443 Standard

The CESA certification focuses on the correct application of the IEC 62443 standard, which sets out the requirements for establishing an effective industrial automation and control systems security program. Participants in the training courses will gain a deep understanding of this standard and learn how to apply it to ensure their systems comply with modern cybersecurity standards.

TÜV-NORD Certificate Valid for Four Years

Upon successful completion of the final multiple-choice test, participants will receive a globally recognized TÜV-NORD certificate. This certification is valid for four years, providing a strong incentive for individuals and organizations to stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity developments.

The importance of international cooperation in cybersecurity was highlighted at the first ASEAN-Japan Cybersecurity Working Group Meeting in 2024. Thailand and Japan have been working together since 2018 to establish the ASEAN-Japan Cybersecurity Capacity Building Center (AJCCBC), which aims to enhance cyber threat management skills among government personnel and Critical Information Infrastructure Organizations.

In 2023, the NCSA took over supervision of the AJCCBC, which plans to collaborate with third countries and provide OT Security courses to strengthen industrial cybersecurity. As the lines between technology and humanity continue to blur, initiatives like these are essential in ensuring our increasingly interconnected world remains safe and secure.

In summary, PILZ’s new CESA certification program is a crucial step towards addressing the growing threat of cyber attacks on industrial automation systems. By focusing on the correct application of the IEC 62443 standard, this certification will equip manufacturers, integrators, and users with the knowledge and skills needed to protect their systems effectively. With the support of international initiatives like the AJCCBC, we can look forward to a future where cybersecurity is no longer an afterthought but an integral part of our increasingly interconnected world.


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