Planning of stealing million dollars unveiled by US

The Justice Department of US told that there is a hacker’s gang, which sent malware to the several computers of the different countries and hacked the consumer banks’ system to steal the information. Almost $100 million were hacked from these hacked entities.

A Russian man has been accused as the main planner behind this massive hack.

The cyber attacks came from Europe and they were pretty well designed and rewarding ones.

The hackers broke into the computers and stole credit card details along with the personal details. Later on, they transferred million dollars by using that information. The worst part is that they asked for handsome ransom amount just to return the hacked data to the entities.

The Justice Department told that the hackers had their ransom money decided for every photograph, information, etc. FBI has figured out the virus-contained servers of these hackers, which were passing this to the public at large to hack them.

Planning of stealing million dollars unveiled by US


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