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With a focus to provide cybersecurity services and technology resources to assist local businesses in managing cybersecurity risk and technology modernisation, Plante Moran PLLC and Pervoje LLC have joined hands to provide tangible solutions. This strategic partnership will create and deliver cybersecurity services and technology to the Caribbean.

The partnership is equipped to provide cyber assessment and cyber advisory services like risk assessments, cloud security, ERP security and controls, cyber strategy and implementation, business continuity plan. it also provides cybersecurity lab and forensics to conduct vulnerability assessments, social engineering assessments, identification, collection, analysis and reporting.

“At Plante Moran, we constantly strive to offer our clients the most advanced and reliable solutions. In collaboration with our strategic partner, Pervoje, we will deliver our global and unparalleled expertise in Cyber, offering businesses and governments real-time visibility into potential threats and vulnerabilities across their digital assets,” said Alex Brown, principal, management consulting, cybersecurity practice at Plante Moran.

“Partnering with Plante Moran allows Pervoje to provide the very best business practices and holistic solutions for our Caribbean clients that protect both governments and businesses against the evolving threat landscape while safeguarding critical assets and sensitive information against potential and persistent cyber threats,” said James Ram, president of Pervoje LLC.

A University of Maryland study in 2007 had revealed that there was a cyber-threat attempted every 39 seconds. With the increase in cyber-related threats across the globe, businesses continue to face increase risks of data loss, business interruption or system compromise. This trend is true for Caribbean-based businesses. Small to medium businesses account for 43 per cent of cyber-attacks annually, and 46 per cent of cyber-attacks were small businesses with 1,000 or fewer employees.

Over the past few years, hackers have resulted in targeting some very big and established organisations and governments and led them to huge financial, operational and reputational losses which have cost these victims millions of dollars to investigate, overhaul the systems, litigations, penalties, fines, and perhaps even collapse of businesses. Technology is dynamic and growing very fast, which means both the positive and the negative, are also evolving and in order to keep the net result of this evolution positive, the good has to outpace the evil.

“This dark side of Internet technology has thus necessitated the use of proactive cybersecurity measures by users, one and all,” said Ram. “Usage of inexpensive antivirus programmes at individual levels to elaborate cybersecurity programmes’ education and implementation at corporate and governmental levels are a must in order to assess their networks, identify and plugging possible weak links, careful periodical assessments and execution of required modifications.

“It is necessary to be a step ahead of the cyber criminals who are very busy in carrying out their unscrupulous activities.”


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