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Players unlock unreleased content in live service game ultimate hacker style: setting their system clocks forward a few weeks | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

In the modern gaming era, it always feels like live service games are perfect black boxes only their developers can understand or control⁠—but sometimes, something happens that shows just how ad hoc and fragile all these systems are. Case in point: players managed to access unreleased content in the Genshin-adjacent gacha game, Wuthering Waves, by just moving their system clocks forward a few weeks.

The exploit was shared to Bilibili by user Lù xiǎo xiǎo (路筱筱), then brought to Reddit by PisangMinyakRebus. As for how to get to the unreleased stuff, it was really that simple: you just had to log into the game, then alt tab out and set your system time forward. It seems like developer Kuro Games pre-loaded some of Wuthering Waves’ upcoming content and time locked it, but went off the end user’s system clock instead of a central server. Lù xiǎo xiǎo demonstrated an upcoming trial stage for one of the gacha game’s characters as an example of the exploit in action.


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