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A ransomware group of hackers has claimed that they have breached “all Sony systems” in what could be a disastrous attack on the PlayStation maker. The ransomware group going by the name of ‘’ claims that they have breached the entertainment giant’s systems and would sell the stolen data.

Although the claim remains unverified at the moment, reports state that the hackers have “racked up an impressive amount of victims” and Sony is the latest victim of the notorious group.

PlayStation and Sony’s Systems Reportedly Breached

Hacker group has claimed to have breached “all Sony systems”

According to the report by Cyber Security Connect, an Australian cybersecurity publication, has only been operating since September but the hackers also seem to have connections to other previous dark web forums and groups. As per the report, the group started with an introduction of Sony and stated.

“We have successfully compromissed all of sony systems. We wont ransom them! we will sell the data. due to sony not wanting to pay. DATA IS FOR SALE. WE ARE SELLING IT”.

The group also shared a link to the R file tree and sample data but it does not look very believable. There are a few screenshots of an internal PowerPoint presentation with testbench details, an internal log-in page, and a file tree of the leak which seems to have less than 6,000 files with various Java resources and HTML files.

Hackers have threatened to sell Sony PlayStation data if no buyers approach before 28th September
Hackers have threatened to sell Sony PlayStation data if no buyers approach before 28 September

No price for the stolen data has been listed on the site but the group has provided their contact details for the Tox messaging service, as well as Telegram and email. There is also a post date of September 28, 2023, which is assumingly when the group will publish the data wholesale if no buyer approaches them before.

Also Read: PlayStation 5 New Colours Announced is reportedly both a ransomware operator and the group itself considers it a ransomware-as-a-service organization, which is quite unusual. The group claims to “provide secure solutions for addressing data securities vulnerabilities within companies,” and also seeks compensation for the “professional services” it offers.

The claim is still unverified and Sony has not made any comment on the reports
The claim is still unverified and Sony has not made any comment on the reports

But that’s not all, it also claims to operate “in strict compliance with GDPR and Data Privacy Laws” and as it says on the group’s website, is obligated to report to the GDPR agency in case of a Data Privacy Law violation. Nonetheless, the claims are yet to be verified and there have been no reports from PlayStation maker that its websites have been hacked.

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Sony was hacked back in 2011 which resulted in the breach of personal details of over 77 million PlayStation Network users and the site was also taken offline for nearly a month. Sony then apologized to players as well as developers. It remains to be seen what becomes of this still unverified claim and if it is legit what effect will it have on PlayStation users.

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Source: Cyber Security Connect

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