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PLDT, security partners fortify cybersecurity | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

PLDT Group said over the weekend it is working closely with key technology partners to fortify the group’s cybersecurity and keep customers safe from cyber-attacks.

PLDT and Smart’s Cyber Security Operations Group early this month met with third-party vendors and service providers to discuss how to further secure the PLDT group’s intensified cybersecurity drive.

“The chain is only as strong as its weakest link. To eliminate any weakness in our value chain, we are closely collaborating with our technology partners to make sure that everyone is onboard our cybersecurity culture,” said Angel Redoble, first vice president and chief information security officer of PLDT and Smart.

Third-party vendors play a key role in the PLDT group’s cybersecurity infrastructure. They provide PLDT and Smart with critical products and services that help the group monitor its assets, warn against attacks, contain threats, secure data and enable the companies to deliver innovations that serve customer needs.

Redoble noted the group’s response process to cybersecurity concerns and identified instances where vendors can contribute to contain the threat before it causes disruptions. He underscored the need for rapid action once an alarm has been triggered.

“It is important that within two minutes, the incident is contained. We need to have an established process with our vendors, so we can quickly respond to cyber-attacks and prevent a crisis,” said Redoble.

CSOG foiled more than 182 million attacks and breach attempts against its assets in 2022. As the PLDT Group embarks on a customer-centric transformation, Redoble said customer protection is a top priority.

He reiterated the group’s commitment to working with technology partners to help PLDT and Smart deliver meaningful connections and experiences for their customers to live a fuller life.

PLDT and Smart’s collaborations with key partners to beef up their digital infrastructure are part of a broader effort to elevate the Filipinos’ experience by keeping customers and the country safe from threats and attacks, he said.

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