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A Plymouth drama teacher says she’s been brought to tears after hackers took control of Facebook pages vital for her business. Laura Shepherd’s personal facebook page was hacked and no longer exists – which means she can’t access her business page for LS Drama Workshops.

Despite numerous messages sent to Meta, which runs Facebook, she’s had no response. The problem has been going on for more than a week now, with other small business users reporting similar problems, and Laura said: “I am beyond devastated and haven’t stopped crying.”

Laura set up her Plympton -based children’s drama and musical theatre company, in Plympton, six years ago. She uses the Facebook page as the main tool for telling parents what is going on and contacting everyone.

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But in the early evening of September 7 her personal Facebook page was hacked. Laura said: “They changed the email address, phone number and password on the account. They changed my name, profile picture and cover photo Meta Copyright Bawhchhiatna.

“I have lost total control of my account. It’s now been taken over by a hacker with no way of me regaining access as I can’t reset my password or even search for the profile anymore.

“It let me log back in but set up a new account: a blank profile under a totally random name, Jenni Bishop. Now my profile looks like it has completely disappeared or been disabled and my comments have gone from all my friends’ posts.”

Laura received no email alert to say any of this was happening. She said it was bad enough that she lost control of the profile she set up 15 years ago – and all the memories, photos and videos that were on it – but her misery has been compounded by her loss of access to the business page linked to the account.

“The business page still exists but I no longer have any control over it due not being able to log into my personal account that was associated with it,” she said. “I can’t download any of the pictures or videos or messages.

“All those years of hard work have gone down the drain. I am completely devastated.”

Laura contacted PlymouthLive in desperation after not being able to get any meaningful response from Meta/Facebook. She said she received one email from the company but it said she had not provided enough information.

She said she told Meta personal data has been breached and has asked for an internal review of the handling of her request. She is planning to report the issues to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Laura sent PlymouthLive links to online discussions involving other business owners who have also had personal pages linked to business pages hacked with their profile replaced with “Meta Copyright Infringement”. PlymouthLive has contacted Meta’s press office – but is yet to receive any reply.

Laura said: “Facebook has been absolutely awful. They have ignored every single email I have sent and their customer service is pretty much non-existent. I have filled in numerous forms and sent maybe 10 emails with no response.

“I am so upset that someone can invade your privacy, take over your account and take ownership of your pictures and videos – and no one, I mean no one, is interested in helping you. It’s just not fair that people can hack an account, change every contact detail and yet you don’t receive a single email alert to say this is happening – it’s crazy.

“This seems to have happened to loads of people lately. The sheer size of Meta, and with everyone you have working there, someone must be able to help.”


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