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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for India to become self-reliant in cybersecurity across hardware and software, highlighting that having a control over the value chain will ensure security of the country’s digital infrastructure.

“For cybersecurity, self reliance is very important in the entire manufacturing value chain — be it hardware, software or connectivity. When everything in the value chain is under our national domain, it will help us in keeping them secure,” Modi said on Friday at the seventh edition of the India Mobile Congress.

The statement by the  prime minister holds significance as it comes after India tried to impose restrictions on the import of laptops and computers, and later went back on it. However, the rationale behind the move was to ensure security of India’s digital networks, since a majority of these imports come from China.

The prime minister also said that India should establish itself as a thought leader as a natural progression from being an adopter and implementer of technology.

In a political dig at the Opposition, the PM compared the previous governments to mobile phones in use during those times, saying both were always in the “hang mode”.

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“We have to remember that we have come so far… Outdated phones used to hang earlier, and no matter how many times you swiped the screen, it had no effect. That time’s government was in the same situation, it was always in the hang mode,” he said. “In 2014, people left behind such an outdated phone and gave us an opportunity to serve. The changes are quite clear,” he added.

Reiterating that India has witnessed the fastest 5G roll-out of anywhere in the world, with 4 lakh base stations having covered around 80 per cent of the population within a year, Modi said that higher internet speeds are not just a matter of numbers and rankings, but also improve ease of living.

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“… Everyone gets a dignified life, and technology benefits reach everyone, we are working for it, and for me this is the biggest social justice,” Modi said. He also claimed that India will “lead the world” in 6G technology.

The PM also highlighted the increase in electronics manufacturing activity in India, adding that the government was “proud that the world is using made in India phones”.

“We used to import phones, but today we export. Earlier, our presence in manufacturing was next to nothing, but today we are the second biggest in electronics manufacturing. Before, there was no clear vision for electronics manufacturing. Today, we are exporting Rs 2 lakh crore worth electronics. Google has also recently announced that it will manufacture Pixel phones in India, Samsung’s Fold5 and iPhone 15 are already being made here,” the prime minister underscored.

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First published on: 28-10-2023 at 01:22 IST


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