PM Lee launches Singapore’s new cybersecurity strategy

SINGAPORE Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Monday that the government will work with key stakeholders, including private sector operators and the cybersecurity community, to strengthen the resilience of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) that supports Singapore’s essential services.

He was speaking at the inaugural Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) where he launched Singapore’s cybersecurity strategy. The strategy outlines how Singapore will continue to strengthen the resilience of the country’s cybersecurity.

Mr Lee said the government will establish robust and systematic cyber risk management processes, as well as response and recovery plans, across all critical sectors. To do so, it is necessary to grow a culture of cyber-risk awareness across CIIs, the Prime Minister said. The increased adoption of security-by-design practices to address cybersecurity issues across the supply chain will remain an important focus, he added.

Developed after a consultation process with 50 stakeholders over the past year, the new strategy sets out Singapore’s vision, goals and priorities in the area of cybersecurity and outlines the country’s commitment to build a resilient and trusted cyber environment for Singapore and Singaporeans.

There are four pillars underpinning the strategy. They are:

* Building a resilient infrastructure;

* Creating a safer cyberspace;

* Developing a vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem; and

* Strengthening international partnerships

A key focus of the strategy is to ensure that Singapore’s essential services are protected.


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