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PM Twp. supervisor’s email hacked | News | #computerhacking | #hacking | #hacking | #aihp

Pere Marquette Charter Township Supervisor Jerry Bleau informed the Daily News on Wednesday that his email had been hacked as part of a phishing scam.

An email has been sent out to everyone on Bleau’s contact list with the subject line “memo.” It contains a link to a document that could compromise people’s computers, phones or tablets, and includes a line that states, “Thanks regard.”

Bleau advised anyone who receives such an email — or any suspicious email from someone purporting to be him — to delete the message immediately.

“It appears that the people in my office and everyone that is linked in the contacts from my work and personal email are getting bogus memos from me,” Bleau said Wednesday afternoon. “I would ask that anyone delete those messages, and we apologize for the situation.

“We’re going to get ahold of our IT company and see if we can root this out.”

Bleau said the situation is “very similar” to one that took place in September 2021, when his email was “hijacked.” P.M. Township did not get to the bottom of the issue then.

“Nobody could tell me where it came from. I may have opened something similar to what is being sent out in my name,” he said. “Apparently it’s almost impossible to figure out who’s doing this stuff.

“The best advice everyone’s had is just to keep changing your password on everything you have.”

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