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PHILIPPINE National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr. ordered the implementation of measures to boost the cybersecurity of the police force’s offices amid the spate of hacking of government websites.

PNP spokesman Col. Jean Fajardo said the Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) has been tapped to oversee the implementation of these measures, which were discussed during a recent command conference attended by police officials.

She added that an investigation is underway after reports that the data system of the PNP Forensic Group has been compromised following an alleged hacking incident.

“Our ACG, in coordination with the ITMS (Information Technology Management Service), is looking into whether the integrity of the Forensic Group’s data system, particularly the DNA data system, has been compromised,” she said.

Fajardo gave assurances that the databases of the PNP’s Forensic Group, such as DNA, Combined DNA Index System, Integrated Ballistics Identification System, and Automated Fingerprint Identification System, are all intact.

She said the online portal of the PNP Recruitment and Selection Service was not affected by a previously reported data breach.

Fajardo said the ITMS personnel are going around PNP offices to conduct vulnerability tests.

“The vulnerability test would determine whether our systems, particularly those connected with the internet are vulnerable to attacks, so we are strengthening not only the hardware but also our software,” she said.

She added that the ACG is willing to provide technical assistance to help other government agencies in investigating hacking and data system breach incidents.

The series of hacking incidents began with the Philippine Health Insurance Corp., which was hit by a ransomware attack.

The hackers gained access to the state insurer’s online systems and demanded $300,000 in exchange for not leaking the personal data they had acquired.

The Philippine Statistics Authority also announced that its Community-Based Monitoring System, which contained personal and sensitive personal information, was accessed by hackers.

On October 15, the House of Representatives website was also compromised.


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