‘Pokemon GO’ 3-Step Tracker Feature To Be Reinstated, Here’s Why Niantic Hates Hackers & Third Party Apps

When Niantic Labs introduced the latest “Pokemon GO” update, the uproar from gamers was instantaneous. Nobody wanted to have the “Pokemon GO” 3 step tracker feature removed. In fact, people were actually expecting Niantic to fix the broken “Pokemon GO” 3 step tracker with the update.

The problem for gamers was even aggravated because with the recent “Pokemon GO” update, Niantics also denied access certain third party “Pokemon GO” companion apps. These apps functioned just like the previous broken but now removed “Pokemon GO” 3 step tracker feature and definitely helped gamers locate and capture Pokemon in the wild.
Now that the dust has settled and players are now less emotional than before, Niantic finally released the reason for the company’s move. Ultimately, Niantic has the “Pokemon GO” gamers satisfaction in mind when the introduced the update.
The Removal Of The “Pokemon GO” 3 Step Tracker Is Just Temporary
Niantic Labs recently released a statement explaining the rationale behind the “Pokemon GO” update. Contrary to what “Pokemon GO” players feared, Niantics will not be taking away the “Pokemon GO” 3 Step Tracker permanently.
The “Pokemon GO” 3 Step Tracker was just temporarily removed from the game, according to Niantic in its post. “We have heard feedback about the Nearby feature in the game and are actively working on it,” assures Niantic.
Third Party Apps And Sites Using Up Niantic Server Resources

Niantic Lab also addressed one of the complaints of “Pokemon GO” gamers on why the company removed third party apps that helped players progress in the game. Apparently, these third party apps and sites are resource hogs, taking up a large chunk of “Pokemon GO” server resources which caused server problems and game unavailability to some “Pokemon GO” players.

It now appears that those seemingly innocent apps that allowed players to locate “Pokemon GO” spawnings are actually denying game access by other legit players. Niantic had to step in and do damage control before things got out of hand.
“Pokemon GO” Latin America Release Delayed Due To Third Party Apps And Sites

In fact, Niantic revealed that they could have released “Pokemon Go” sooner to the Latin America region if not because of those third party apps and hackers. With the blocking of some of these apps, Niantic was finally able to free up server resources to support a Latin America launch, including Brazil.

Niantic has to play it by ear. It seems that the company is really trying its best to give the best player experience from the highly successful “Pokemon GO” app. The unexpected global scale with which Niantic had to operate must take some getting used to. But eventually, players can expect that the company will deliver what they had promised – a thoroughly enjoyable “Pokemon GO” experience.

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