Pokemon Go could be putting you and your cyber data at risk for hackers

Pokemon Go is the most talked-about gaming app nation wide. While it’s fun to play, it could be putting you at risk and making your cyber data a target.

“If you’ve already logged into it you can bet your information has already been compromised,” says Tom Conley, Physical and Cyber Safety Expert.

It’s the app that’s sweeping the nation.

“It’s basically like making your childhood dreams come true,” says Joey Candelarie, Pokemon Go player.

But is this dream come true really a cyber security nightmare?

“Quite frankly if they have access to your phone and remote access to that, the truth is that they can get anything out of your phone including your passwords, including your financial information,” says Tom Conley, Physical and Cyber Safety Expert.

When downloading the app, players have to sign up with a Gmail account and grant access for the app to use your camera, data, and contacts. Cyber security experts say this is the equivalent of giving your house key to a complete stranger.

On top of cyber security comes the concern of physical safety when out searching for Pokemon.

“Armed robbers are using this game as a methodology to attract people into areas that are desolate and when they show up, they’re robbed,” says Conley.

If you haven’t downloaded the app, security experts warn not to follow the bandwagon. But if you have, be smart about it.

I’m joined here by my buddy ghastly bringing you some Pokemon Go safety tips. First off, never go into any areas you wouldn’t normally go. Second, travel in groups or in pairs, do not go looking for Pokemon by yourself. Third, have fun but always be conscious of your surroundings.”

In speaking with some Pokemon Go players about the physical and cyber security concerns, they weren’t too worried.

“I trust that at 10-years-old he understands where’s okay to go and what’s not,” says Anne Bratkiewicz, Pokemon Go player and mother.

“The only safety issues I can see with the game is people trying to play while they’re driving. I think that can be a really bad thing, but if you’re smart about it and you understand that you should stop before you start doing the game then I think you’re ok,” says Jacob Conklin, Pokemon Go player.

Cyber security problems have been more prominent in IPhones than Androids.


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