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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet jokes about Paradox Raikou and Horizon Forbidden West | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

A new teaser for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s upcoming DLCs was showcased during the Pokemon Presents broadcast on August 8, 2023. It revealed a bunch of upcoming content for the games, among which were two new Paradox Pokemon: Raging Bolt (Paradox Raikou) and Iron Crown (Paradox Cobalion). While Raging Bolt will be exclusively available in Scarlet, Iron Crown will be exclusive to Violet.

As soon as the designs of the creatures were revealed, members of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet community on Reddit realized that Raging Bolt was similar in design to a machine from Horizon Forbidden West.

For this reason, one of the members, u/OneKingtoRulethemall, jokingly asked:

“Do we unlock the map by hacking into it’s head?”

For the uninitiated, the machine in question is called the Tallneck. This is a Recon class machine that allows Alloy, the protagonist, to get a view of the map of the entire area when she climbs on its disc and overrides it.

There were many other funny observations and comments made by members of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet subreddit in this regard.

Official artwork for new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paradox Pokemon, Raging Bolt, and fan reactions to it

The aforementioned quote was the most popular comment of all and sparked a discussion about the design inspiration behind Raging Bolt.

There were multiple people who agreed that Raging Bolt’s design seemed to be inspired by the machine called Tallneck from Horizon Forbidden West.

However, there were other people who pointed out that both Tallnecks and Paradox Raikou are ultimately inspired by Sauropod dinosaurs. Sauropod dinosaurs are characterized by their extremely long necks. Some examples of such dinosaurs include the Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus.

While u/BrideofClippy agreed that they could both be inspired by that class of dinosaurs, the plate design felt like a callback to the design of the iconic robot from Horizon Forbidden West.

Members of the community, such as u/Drakojana, pointed out that the long-necked design made sense for Paradox Raikou because it resembled the critter’s head being up in the clouds where thunder is brewed.

Aside from wondering about the design inspirations behind one of the latest additions to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s roster of Pocket Monsters, players also imagined how they would create an entire team based on a Horizon Forbidden West theme.

This was met with prompt responses as u/ToastyMonkey and u/alpha1812, who shared a list of Pokemon and their equivalent machines from Horizons Forbidden West.

All new Pocket Monsters introduced in the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC teasers

Outside the two Paradox Pokemon, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet expansion teaser also revealed new evolutions for Generation VIII Pokemon. Two Dragon-type Pocket Monsters, Applin and Duraludon, are getting new evolutions called Dipplin and Archaludon, respectively.

The DLCs will also have new Legendary Pokemon called Ogerpon, Terapagos, Munkidori, Okidogi, and Fezandipiti. There will also be two other Paradox Pokemon called Walking Wake and Iron Leaves.

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