Poland’s Defense Ministry Says Documents Published by Hackers Not Relevant

Polish Defense Ministry’s documents published recently by hackers are no longer relevant, the ministry said in a statement on Friday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The statement noted that documents had been indeed taken from the ministry’s database, however, they referred to 2012.

“In connection with the information on hacking of the Defence Ministry’s database, [we] clarify that it was a manipulation to create the impression of a dangerous cyberattack,” the ministry stated.

On Thursday, media reported that a group of hackers, who portray themselves as members of the Right Sector, an Ukrainian nationalist organization, outlawed in Russia, carried out a cyberattack on the Polish Defense Ministry database and demanded Warsaw to pay $50,000 for the database not to be made public.
The hackers released a small amount of the stolen information, which included personal data of the employees, to confirm that they were not bluffing and had serious intentions if the government did not pay the demanded amount of money.


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