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Police have arrested 30 people in connection to a total of 37 compensated dating and naked chat blackmail scams with losses totaling some HK$2 million. 

The victims included 36 men and one woman aged 18 to 70, many of whom are students, engineers and professionals. 

The loss in a single case could range from HK$500 to as much as HK$550,000, police said. 

Police said the syndicate would instruct members to use fake identity card numbers, phone numbers and credit card information to book a hotel room and send the reservation to their potential victims. 

The members then requested the victims to pay half of the fee for the hotel room, leading the victims to believe that the members could truly provide compensated dating services. As the amount of losses were low, the victims would be embarrassed and choose not to report to the police. 

Police also identified a rising trend among teenagers falling victim to such scams. Forty percent of victims are aged 22 to 30 and about 30 percent are male students aged 13 to 21. Their education levels range from secondary one to fourth-year in university. 

On another note, a survey conducted by the Hong Kong Playground Association between March and June found that only 47 percent of over 4,000 teenagers and children interviewed would seek help from their parents if they fell victim to online scams. 

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