Police arrest man accused in hundreds of Tulsa car burglaries, identity theft cases

Police arrested Brett Chamberlain Monday.
They say they found stolen ID cards, birth certificates, social security cards, check books and stolen gift cards in his car.
They said he may be responsible for hundreds of Tulsa car burglaries.

Tulsa police officers arrested Brett Chamberlain Monday night after they reportedly found a binder with more than 60 stolen ID cards in his car.

Detectives say they’ve already connected him to 27 reported theft cases in Tulsa, and they believe there are others in different cities.

They said Chamberlain also had possession of birth certificates, social security cards, credit cards, check books and stolen gift cards.

They say the suspect opened bank accounts in several other people’s names.

They believe he is responsible for hundreds of car burglaries in Tulsa.


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