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ST. LOUIS – Some local police departments may have used a hacked computer information network.

FOX 2 was told that the ‘REJIS’ system went down Tuesday. A spokesperson for the computer information network confirmed that there was a security incident and told us the agency has worked to reduce any damage. They also say they are not aware of any sensitive information being taken or released.

Police were told the system would be out for at least 24 hours, which could lead to the release of some suspected criminals.

“The law requires a 24-hour maximum hold and if the REJIS system is not up and running, or they can’t use another system, which is referred to as ‘MULES,’ then they would be unable to hold somebody and that person may in fact be wanted for something serious in another jurisdiction,” criminal defense attorney Joel Schwartz explained.

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page said he will call for more funding for cybersecurity in the near future.


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