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Humberside Police have issued advice for keeping children safe online this Christmas and beyond.

Has your child added a new mobile phone, tablet or games console to their Christmas list this year?

The festive season is upon us once again and whilst many people see it as a perfect time to treat their loved ones and look to buy the latest electronic gadget, it’s important to remember how to keep children safe when using these devices online.

For some children, owning a new device will be the first time they have access to the online world and unfortunately, exposing them to new risks that they need to be aware of.

Humberside Police say don’t leave it to chance, make sure that if you are planning to gift a games console, tablet or mobile phone to any young person, have it set up to help prevent them from being contacted by someone you would really not want to be speaking to or communicating with your children.

It’s simple to do, any high street retailer will be able to help you when you make a purchase, or you can find lots of information online in the Think You Know, Get Safe Online and NSPCC websites.

Detective Sergeant Emily Jackson from the POLIT (Police Online Investigation Team) said:

“If you are buying a device for you children this year, make sure it is age appropriate and has the parental controls set up to protect them from unwanted online contact.

“We don’t want to scare parents and carers about the safety of their children, we simply want to make sure they talk to their children about staying safe online. 

“Try to be open with your children so that they know they can come to you if something has happened online that worries them or they’re upset with or if a stranger has tried to contact them or send them a friend request.

“If you think an offence has taken place please call 101 and talk to us.  We will take action against those who seek to harm children online.

“As a parent myself, I understand the concerns other parents may have around the dangers of the online world, and so I would advise them to take the time to check the parental controls on their children’s devices to ensure these are made secure and everyone has a safe and happy Christmas.”

Officers added, keep your children safe now and in the future by making sure their devices are secure.

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