Police: N. Korean Malware Used in Hacking Attack on S. Korean ATM Machines

Police suspect that North Korea is behind the leak of financial transactions data which resulted from the hacking of dozens of ATM machines in subway stations and convenience stores earlier in March.

The National Police Agency’s Cyber Bureau announced on Wednesday that its investigation so far has found that a North Korean hacker broke into the computer networks of ATM machines by taking advantage of their weakness in vaccine servers.

The bureau said the hacker then spread malware in 63 ATM machines and retrieved data from some 238-thousand electronic financial transactions via a server they had installed in the nation.

Police found that the recently-used malware is the same type used to hack the nation’s military cyber command in September of last year. The Defense Ministry had concluded earlier in May that the North was behind last year’s hacking incident.

The police were quick to add, however, that none of the IP addresses used in the latest case were traced back to North Korean regions.


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