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Oceanside police officers went door-to-door in a condo complex Friday morning warning residents about a registered sex offender who was allegedly offering tutoring services to children.

“Kinda, shocked that was going on right here without anyone knowing it,“ said Jon Kelly, a president of the St. Cloud condo complex. Kelly said police handed his wife a flyer with the offender’s information, including his address and car make and model.

His name is Camilo Ricardo Asuna. He’s a tier-three offender, which means he’s high-risk. He was convicted of molesting a child under 18.

Kelly, like many neighbors, didn’t know Asuna was living in the complex.

Oceanside police say Osuna was convicted of a sex offense back in 2013. Police say he resurfaced in September of this year when he was offering math and science tutoring to those in 7th grade and up on the community App.

“The news is a little shocking, obviously, and the first thought that came up from many people is, ‘How is that person even here?“ Kelly said.

There are several schools in the immediate area of Asuna’s home.

Police Asuna was spotted on the campuses of El Camino High School a mile away and a preschool across the street from St. Cloud.

Gladys Antigua has a daughter at Ivy Ranch Elementary and one Martin Luther King Middle School. She said her kids know the “stranger danger” rules, but said she’ll be more vigilant now.

“Try and stay away from people and don’t trust people so easily,“ daughter Yonnah Antigua said.

Police say they attempted to phone Asuna but he wasn’t responding, so they decided to put out the notice.

“There has been other police activity going on in the neighborhood today so I think everyone has just been a little more alert, “ Kelly said.

For a neighborhood full of children, the police notification can be life-changing.

“They have friends in the community and also friends that come into the community and we’ve had to share that information with those parents,“ Kelly said.

Tier-three sex offenders are required to register for life and most are restricted from living close to schools and other sensitive facilities, but those restrictions are issued on a case-by-case basis.

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