Police see increase in credit card fraud

The Philadelphia Police Department is urging residents this week to be more cautious with their credit card information after an increase in fraud has been reported over the last couple of months.

Police Chief Grant Myers said he has seen an increase in the number of cases of credit card fraud reported by city residents over the past two months, including one over his own bank account.

“We just want to get it out there for people to be mindful,” he said. “We believe that most of it is done over the Internet. Some of it has been done overseas.”

Myers said he, too, was a victim of credit card fraud earlier this month after noticing some unknown online purchases over his account.

One Philadelphia bank this week offered some tips for making sure your credit or debit card information remains secure since the majority of fraud occurs while consumers are still in possession of their cards.

• Protect your PIN and be smart when shopping online. Make sure you are shopping with a reputable company.

Also keep your contact information current and notify your bank when you are traveling.

• Signing up for banking alerts will help you quickly know if your information has been stolen. Don’t wait to notify your bank if your card is lost or stolen. Finally, check your account often.

Chief Myers urged residents to contact their bank for further details on how to prevent credit card fraud.
source: http://neshobademocrat.com/main.asp?SectionID=2&SubSectionID=297&ArticleID=34724