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Police have a warning for people who have stickers on their vehicles. New York drivers with an affinity for bumper stickers should remove them immediately.

Bright Side via Youtube

Bright Side via Youtube

People tend to overshare, using stickers to tell strangers all about their life. This information could be used by unscrupulous individuals or thieves. The stickers can tell someone a lot about you and your lifestyle. You could be sharing your schedule, hobbies, family structure, children’s information, type of valuables you have and more.

For instance, a sticker about your dog may let thieves know that you spend time outside of your house walking your dog or even that you have an expensive dog breed, indicating you may be well off. Stickers about your hobbies can give thieves or a stalker personal information about how and where you spend your time. One of the big giveaways is if you have those cute family stickers. An Honor Roll sticker could tell a child predator where your kid goes to school. A pro Second Amendment sticker could let a gun thief know your home and potentially your vehicle has weapons. A criminal can find out information about your spouse or children based off a sticker.

Credit: Bright Side via Youtube

Someone on Facebook said,

This wasn’t safe 30 years ago. Had my son, a first-grader, at the mall and a man came up to me and told me how ‘beautiful’ he then proceeded to tell me that he knew where he went to school because of the honor sticker on my car which he had to have seen when I parked. Then he told me all ‘anyone’ would have to do is go to the school, wait, follow him home and he’s gone. I went home and took the sticker off my car and kept all future stickers in a scrapbook.

Perry Township Police Department

Perry Township Police Department

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