PoS at risk as Soraya Virus is here!!

The Arbor Network researchers have found that another filthy virus is out, which is targeting the Point of Sale devices. This malware has the ability to scuff off the memory and to cut off the information when they are delivered from the Web forms.

This virus is somehow related to the Dexter virus. That virus also had the tendency of memory grating and causing distress to the Point of Sale system. Soraya has been used by the hackers to copy the credit cards to cause big loss to the affected party. This virus can send data to pinch the card information and can also send it to the unknown C2 server computer.

With this virus, the hackers have attacked almost 65% of the US citizens and have used their card information.

In the usual hacking techniques, the data is compromised when user put in the credit card.

This virus Soraya has the aptitude like Dexter and the Zeus viruses. The PoS were also been compromised in past by the hackers especially of banks.

PoS at risk as Soraya Virus is here!!

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