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Nothing like an IOS update to throw your life into disarray but the latest update could be a danger to your children according to police in CT.

The Watertown, Connecticut Police Department recently issued a warning about the new Iphone update and what it could mean for your child. The update comes with a new feature called “NameDrop” which is automatically enabled as soon as the phone is updated. The Watertown PD issued this statement on November 26th, 2023:

Tech Alert 

With the new Apple update NameDrop is enabled by default. With this feature enabled, anyone can place their phone next to yours (or your child’s phone) and automatically receive their contact information to include their picture, phone number, email address and more, with a tap of your unlocked screen. To disable this feature go to General – AirDrop – and shut off “Bringing Devices Together”

While in the airdrop settings, make sure you have “contacts only” set so you don’t receive unwanted pictures from strangers. Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury

We tested the feature on the I-95 Morning Show on Monday to see how easy it was to send an unwanted photo to a stranger or to get their information and it was way too easy. So be sure to follow the steps the Watertown PD laid out, it’s a quick but important fix.

Step 1 – Go Here 

Step 2 – Go Here 

Step 3 – Go Here

Step 4 – Turn Off “Bringing Devices Together” 

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