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Potential Russian Cyber Security Attack on UK business | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack | #hacking | #aihp

A belts and braces approach to online security is being suggested in light of a potential cyber security attack from Russia on the UK. As a potential target, British businesses need to act now to ensure that they are fully protected.

Companies in the UK have been warned to take ‘defensive action’ against a potential cyber security attack from Russia. This means that businesses could be under threat from loss of data, electronic funds theft, and more. If you haven’t recently updated your cyber security then now is the time.

Government Warnings on Cyber Security Attacks

According to a recent article, Jeremy Fleming, GCHQ Director has already taken steps to involve the UK’s head of infrastructure for communication, utility and food companies and brief them fully on strengthening their cyber security efforts in light of the threat.

According to Priti Patel, The UK’s National Cyber security Centre has confirmed that Russian Cyber activity in the past has meant disruptions for UK media, Telecommunication and energy firms, as well as targeting other ‘well known’ firms in recent ‘high-profile’ Cyber Security attacks.

Next steps

As the UK government acts fast to improve their cyber security, all UK businesses should be mindful about how well their security infrastructure would hold up against a potential Cyber Security attack.

Things you can do to prepare:

  • Cyber Security Audit – This could involve activities such as penetration testing, network scanning and a general audit to test how well your current security would hold up against a cyber security attack
  • Cyber Security planning – You will need a layered approach to your online security to ensure that you are fully protected. If you have only been toying with the idea of reinforcing your online business activity, now would be a good time for a conversation with a third-party provider
  • Staff cyber security training – Cyber attackers will look for loopholes in your online security. This could also mean targeting your employees as well as your business. Investing in training for your team on how to stay safe when working remotely and keeping themselves safe online would improve your chances of withstanding a potential cyber security attack.

If you feel you need to put further measures in place to protect your business or if you are thinking of ramping up your IT capability, then contact our technology specialists today and let’s have a conversation!

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