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Last Updated on 2nd August 2023 by Antoine

Czechia is famed for its wealth of stunning architecture and sheer number of castles dotted across the land-locked country. Situated in Eastern Europe, the capital of the Czech Republic is that of Prague (or Praha as it is so-called in Czech), an ideal weekend break with a plethora of museums to visit and delectable foodie experiences to be had. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best of Prague travel tips you need to know before your first visit!

For even more inspiration, be sure to check out our guide on how to spend one perfect day in Prague.

How to Visit Prague Astronomical Clock, Czech Republic

#1 Prague is perfect for a weekend break

If you’re looking for somewhere with stunning architecture, a wonderful foodie scene, and plenty of cultural institutions worth frequenting, then know that Prague is easy to reach and perfect to explore over the course of several days, making it one of the best weekend breaks in Europe.

And with fantastic transport links to the rest of Europe and beyond (including an international airport and train connections), Praha can easily be reached within a few hours from London, Paris, Amsterdam, and many other top destinations.

#2 Prague is a great destination for vegans!

Something which particularly surprised me during our visit to Prague was the sheer number of meat-free options dotted across the city. From vegan junk food bars serving the likes of no fish fish and chips and plant-based burgers to more formal, sit-down menus, there’s something for every veggie diet. For more recommendations, check out my vegan’s guide to Prague.

Forky's  Prague vegan fast food dishes

#3 Avoid eating in Prague city centre

Like many touristic cities across Europe, Amsterdam and Venice to name but a few, when visiting Prague be sure to avoid eating in the city centre, and particularly avoid any places which have plenty of photos on the menu with the words translated into five languages. Instead, you can head just a few streets back and expect to find much better quality food at significantly lower prices.

On this note, it’s also worth noting that many of the open-air cafés and bars along the banks of the Vltava will also charge you to sit and drink a beer. Though this is likely worth it if you’re planning to soak up the sunset views while drinking your beer,

#4 Don’t try and see everything in one visit

With so much to see and do when it comes to exploring Prague, it can be hard to prioritise and decide what to visit on each day of your vacation. With this being said, if you try to see everything, then you will surely be disappointed and feel consistently rushed.

Instead, opt to focus on a few areas/ districts of the city and take the time to thoroughly get to know them. By not seeing everything, you’ll also have an excuse to return to Prague at a later date!

#5 Wear comfortable shoes

Prague is an inherently walkable city, perhaps one of the easiest in Europe to explore on foot. As such, comfortable footwear is an absolute must. Though high heels may be pretty, then don’t go well with cobbled lanes! This past summer, I brought a pair of sandals like these ones which pair well with summer dresses. Otherwise, check out some chic boots like these ones.

10+ Prague Travel Tips You Must Know Before Your First Visit to Czechia. A complete guide of things to do in Prague as well as Barcelona mistakes to avoid in the Czech Republic and Prague scams

#6 Book your accommodation well in advance

Over the past few years in particular, Prague has been an increasingly popular tourist destination and as a result the best accommodation always sells out fast. As such, I highly recommend booking your place to stay in Prague well ahead of time.

During a recent visit to the city with friends, we stayed in the Old Town district of the city and were close to many of the city’s main attractions, meaning that we only used public transportation a handful of times. if you’re currently looking for a place to stay, then this boutique hotel is über luxe, while this budget option is well-located and well-reviewed.

#7 The currency in Prague is the Czech Crown

Though the city is often referred to as the ‘heart of Europe,’ the currency of Prague (and indeed the entirety of Czechia) is not the euro, but instead the Czech Crown. With this being said, as the Czech Republic is part of the European Union, it is legally obligated to adopt the euro at some point in the future.

Though the euro is accepted in some more touristic venues, the exchange rate is often not favourable and so it’s better to use the crown. Many places accept card, though it’s always useful to have some cash on you to purchase smaller ticket items such as snacks and drinks on the go.

#8 Watch out for common tourist scams

Of all the Prague mistakes you could make, falling for one (or more) of the most common tourist scams would be it. With increasing visitors numbers, there has unsurprisingly also been a rise in the number of tourist scams directed at visitors to Prague over the past few years.

One of the top tourist scams in Prague includes being overcharged by taxi drivers. Where possible take public transportation and be sure to agree on a price before you take any cab rides.

Another of the top tourist scams is that of ‘Prague ham’. When walking past vendors, ham will be advertised at seemingly low prices. However, hidden in the fine print is that this is actually the ‘price per 100g’.

10+ Prague Travel Tips You Must Know Before Your First Visit to Czechia. A complete guide of things to do in Prague as well as Barcelona mistakes to avoid in the Czech Republic and Prague scams

#9 Be way of ATM fees and bad exchange rates

Although I’ve already covered some of the more common tourist scams in Prague in detail, the number one scam deserves a special note in of itself. Throughout the city, there are exchange offices which offer ‘0% commission’. Of course, as is usual with travelling, these scams seem too good to be true… And indeed they are.

The actual exchange rates are terrible, meaning that any commission money you might have saved will be lost in a bad currency exchange rate. Just as commonly, scammers mill about close to exchange offices and will tout tourists, offering seemingly good exchange rates but then instead giving out no longer valid currency.

Last but not least, whenever you withdraw money from an ATM, be sure to check both the exchange rate in advance, as well as to whether or not you’ll be charged a fee for withdrawing cash. Machines will often encourage you to withdraw a much higher amount than you need, thus further depleting your funds. Avoid EuroNet machines at all costs.

#10 Be wary of pickpockets

Though Prague is generally a safe city to visit for tourists (and typically as safe as your hometown), petty crime such as pickpocketing is pretty rife, particularly in the more touristic areas of the city.

Areas where you need to watch your belongings closely include Prague Castle and the Old Town area of the city. As is usually the case with Europe, I recommend wearing a cross body bag like these ones as opposed to a backpack!

Prague castle at sunset

#11 When is the best time to visit Prague?

If you’re looking to experience the best of Prague in terms of attractions and weather, it’s worth noting that the city is pretty magical to explore all year ’round. From snow-topped roofs in the winter months to wandering around fountain-filled parks in the summer, there’s something new to explore with every season.

With this being said, the winter can be particularly cold while the summer months often have temperatures ranging in the 30 degree plus range, meaning that lots of water and rest is a must. As such, if you’re looking for the best of the weather, as well as the best prices, then the shoulder months are hands down the best time to visit Prague.

#12 Prague has plenty of epic viewpoints

Whether you’re into photography or just love to enjoy a wonderful bird’s eye view of above the city, Prague has a multitude of fantastic viewpoints from which to spy the city from above. Some of the best viewpoints in Prague include from the top of the Old Town Hall Tower and from Prague Castle itself.

#13 You can stay in the Prague Dancing House

If you’re looking to see one of the best photo spots in Prague, then you simply must set aside the time to head out to see the Dancing House. What’s more is that the quirky modern architectural-focused building is now a hotel where you can book to stay! Get the full details here.

How to Visit the Prague Dancing House, Czechia (Czech Republic)

#14 Be sure to explore Prague off the beaten path

Whether you’re in search of secret churches which few visitors know about, or alternatively some lesser-known museums or quiet parks, Prague has all this to offer and more.

Some of the best-kept secrets of the city include a statue of Wenceslas riding an upside down horse and the remains of the oldest church in Prague, which are to be found within the walls of Prague Castle.

#15 Pack a universal travel adapter

If you’re travelling from outside of mainland Europe, then no doubt you’ll need to bring along a universal travel adapter like this one to keep all your electronics charged on the go. This is particularly important as you’ll likely want to snap plenty of photos on your phone/ camera since the city is just so pretty!

10+ Prague Travel Tips You Must Know Before Your First Visit to Czechia. A complete guide of things to do in Prague as well as Barcelona mistakes to avoid in the Czech Republic and Prague scams

#16 Take a day trip from Prague at least once

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and wish to discover what else Prague has to offer, then you may well consider taking a day trip from Prague at least once. Some of the top day excursions from the Czech Republic include Český Krumlov and Kutna Hora.

#26 Don’t rent a car in Prague

If you’re planning a trip to prague, then be sure to not rent a car (unless it’s to take day trips from the city). Public transport in Prague is generally safe (be mindful of pickpockets), convenient, efficient, and very affordable.

Lots of Prague can easily be explored on foot, and to get to further away parts of the city you can get a bus, tram, or the underground. Renting a car will only incur costs, be expensive to park, and is generally not a good idea for getting around the city.

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10+ Prague Travel Tips You Must Know Before Your First Visit to Czechia. A complete guide of things to do in Prague as well as Barcelona mistakes to avoid in the Czech Republic and Prague scams

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