‘Predator mom’ Ashleigh Watts’ husband says she’s a serial cheater who was with another man just DAYS before he caught her topless with a teen boy | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

By Ben Ashford In Chesapeake, Virginia, For Dailymail.Com

17:08 09 Sep 2023, updated 21:52 09 Sep 2023

  • Ashleigh Watts, 38, is facing three counts of indecency with a minor for allegedly grooming teenage twin boys and having sex with one
  • In divorce documents obtained by DailyMail.com, her husband Andy branded her a serial cheat and a ‘pedophile b***h
  • Watts’ husband caught his wife on the couch with the boy topless when he arrived home around 2am in February, according to a criminal complaint 

‘Predator mom’ Ashleigh Watts was branded a serial cheat and a ‘pedophile b***h in a bitter divorce battle with her jilted husband, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.

Watts, 38, faces multiple charges of indecency with a minor for allegedly abusing the twin teenage boys who live across the street in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Her 13-year marriage imploded in February when suspicious spouse Andy Watts walked downstairs at 2am to find her topless on the couch with one of the 15-year-old brothers.

Construction boss Andy, 38, left the $500,000 marital home within days and sought a protection order barring Watts from having access to their kids aged 11 and 13.

And in a scathing divorce petition, revealed today by DailyMail.com, he accused the stay-at-home soccer mom of cheating with another man just days before he caught her with the twin.

A recent photo of the Ashleigh with her husband, two children and family dog. According to documents, Watts was willing to throw her perfect suburban life away by lusting after the twin teenagers who lived opposite and were pals with her 13-year-old son

Andy Watts filed for a protective order after his wife’s arrest. He is the one who reportedly discovered his wife’s affair

Watts alleges in a counterclaim that her estranged husband bullied and berated her, smashing her phone and branding her a ‘psychotic b***h’ and a ‘c*m dumpster’ in front of their children.

He denies hurling those exact slurs at her but freely admits in the latest round of tit for tat filings that he ‘called the defendant a pedophile b***h.’

Prior to her arrest, Watts portrayed herself as a wholesome, loving housewife, performing cute dance routines with her daughter on TikTok and posting fun photos from a family vacation to Disney World.

The alleged predator mom was arrested on August 17 and charged with three felony counts of indecency with a child for her alleged conduct with the two minors

The mask slipped on February 17 – her daughter’s birthday – when Andy found Watts ‘topless on the couch’ with one of her son’s teenage friends, according to a police report.

The twin pretended to be asleep but later confessed to his parents that he smoked marijuana with Watts and had been having unprotected sex with her since the previous June.

A month later the youngster ran away but police found him hiding in Watts’ bedroom in just his underwear and charged her with a string of child abuse offenses.

She’s also accused of molesting the boy’s brother, who claims she gave him 22 pairs of skimpy Victoria’s Secret panties before trying to pull down his jeans.

In his May 23 divorce petition, Andy says he grew suspicious of his wife last summer when she began hiding her cellphone and staying out until the early hours.

‘While viewing defendant’s Snapchat profile, plaintiff became aware that defendant’s list of ‘best friends’ included two juvenile males who also live in the parties’ neighborhood and frequent the parties’ marital residence,’ he states.

‘Several times between June 2022 and February 17, 2023, plaintiff would wake in the middle of the night and find defendant entering the home from the garage or back yard. When confronted defendant would allege that she was unable to sleep.

‘During this time, the defendant began strategically placing pillows between the parties to keep them from touching while sleeping in the marital bed.’

Andy goes on to accuse his wife of sleeping with one of the minor twins – who is not being named because he is the alleged victim of a sex crime – and ‘BW’, an unidentified male.

‘The defendant has committed adultery at various times during the marriage,’ he says.

‘For example, defendant has had sexual intercourse with a juvenile male … at various times and places in Virginia, to include the marital residence in Chesapeake.

‘Defendant has had sexual intercourse with a male whose initials are BW at various times and places in Virginia … for example, defendant had sexual intercourse with BW on or about February 13, 2023.’

Watts responded by denying any allegations of pedophilia and accusing her husband of ‘belligerent, controlling and possessive behavior.’

She also ‘asserts the affirmative defense of condonation’, claiming she and Andy were on good enough terms to have sex on February 18 – a day after he allegedly caught her romping with the twin and five days after the supposed liaison with BW.

‘Plaintiff drinks to excess and becomes belligerent and verbally abusive calling her ‘psychotic b***h’, ‘c*m dumpster, ‘c**t’, and telling her ‘all you are good for is a piece of ass,’ Watts’ counterclaim asserts.

It accuses Andy of hurling drinks and beer bottles at her and getting so drunk that he flipped their golf cart, leaving her with injuries to her head and elbow.

She alleges that her estranged husband ‘screamed at defendant and called her a pedophile b***h in front of the children and told the children he was going to put defendant in jail. Then aggressively charged up the driveway toward defendant, grabbed boxes and kicked them into the street.

‘Plaintiff has relentlessly pursued false allegations against defendant for adultery and has falsely accused defendant of pedophilia.

‘Plaintiff has been so steadfast in his pursuit that he has defamed and slandered defendant both publicly and in front of the children. Plaintiff has also encouraged the parties’ neighbors to defame and slander the defendant.’

In his latest July 6 filing Andy dismisses his wife’s allegations, only admitting that while he did call her a ‘pedophile b**tch’ it was not in front of the children.

Watts is currently on house arrest at her father’s home where DailyMail.com photographed her lounging in the sun and laughing despite the prospect of a 30-year prison term.

The father of the twin teenage boys Watts is accused of abusing told DailyMail.com, ‘She’s disgusting. My wife is devastated. It’s horrible for our kids’

When the twins’ outraged parents learned of the alleged abuse they expressed their fury by hanging a huge banner above their front porch reading ‘Pedophiles are not people’

Asked if his daughter had anything to say, William Deihl, 60, first insisted she wasn’t there, before adding: ‘Everything you’re writing is false. You ain’t investigating s**t.’

Watts’ kids are living with their dad at a new home in Virginia Beach but he’s asked a Chesapeake Circuit Court judge to award him the four-bed marital home as well as primary custody of the children.

Watts was initially cited with contributing to the delinquency of a minor but was arrested on August 17 on three felony counts of indecency with a child and is scheduled to appear in court again in October.

The twins have been offered counseling while their parents are left to wonder about the long-term trauma inflicted by Watts’ alleged appetite for young boys.

In July the disgusted couple hung a banner stating ‘Pedophiles are not people’ above their porch to shame Watts, who had to pass it every time she left home.

‘They are good kids. They were completely manipulated. This whole ordeal is crazy,’ their dad previously told DailyMail.com.

‘You read about stuff like this in the tabloids but you never think it could happen to your own family.’

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