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LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – KLFY has conducted an Exclusive Interview with the member of Predator Poachers who nabbed an Acadiana suspected local child predator.

‘Predator Poachers’ goes after sex crime offenders of children. On Monday, they conducted a sting at the airport in Lafayette which led to an arrest by Lafayette Police.

Jerry Case Jr., 46 of St. Martinville was arrested on one count of felony indecent behavior with a juvenile, computer-aided solicitation of a juvenile, sexual abuse with an animal, and pornography involving juveniles.

Alex Rosen is a representative of Predator Poachers. Rosen said he was at the airport Monday to meet Case, who reportedly was there to meet a 12-year-old girl he thought he was dealing with online.

Alex said Case has been on their radar for almost a month.  

“He sent videos of him pleasuring himself.  He sent videos of his own dog pleasuring him,” Rosen stated.

Rosen provides what he said is an audio recording of Case and the supposed 12-year-old, who was actually an adult female with Predator Poachers.

Case: “You know how nervous we are going to be.  

Child Imposter:  “I know. I’m nervous already.”  

Case: “Yeah, me too.  me too;  but oh well we have to do it someday.”

Rosen explained that Case was under the assumption the girl was flying in from Huntsville with another underage female friend; to visit family in Lafayette.

“He was just waiting and standing across from three cops that were just there. That didn’t even phase him at all,” Rosen noted.

Rosen said Case agreed to talk outside about the situation.  

“He admitted to wanting to do intimate things with the two girls. He admitted to talking to 20 or 30 profiles that are underage,” Rosen said.

Rosen explained Case came off as nervous about being confronted.  

“In Jerry’s case, he started blaming Facebook for his problem and other people for him being into this stuff.  Like the bestiality video, he claims it was somebody else’s idea for him to go and do it,” Rosen said.

Predator Poachers has other similar cases in other states.  Case’s case is just one of many.  

“He said he’s been in these team groups for about three years now, he’s just sick,” Rosen added.

Lafayette Police admit that they were not part of the sting but were contacted once things got underway.

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