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Following a successful release in theatres, Predator fans can now own their own copy of the franchise’s prequel Prey very soon.

20th Century Studios has confirmed a 4K Steelbook release, which will be available from November 27. Fans can preorder their copy now from online retailer Zavvi for just £34.99, down from its full retail price of £59.99.

Alongside the film, the Steelbook includes audio commentary, a panel with the cast and crew as well as the Making Of Prey and an alternate opening scene.

If you’re not looking to get your hands on the Steelbook though, the Blu-ray and 4K HD editions of the DVD are also available for pre-order. They’re priced at £17.99 (from £24.99) and £27.99 (from £39.99) respectively.

Prey 4K Ultra HD Steelbook

Prey 4K Ultra HD Steelbook

Now 42% Off

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Initially released on Disney+, the film takes place during 1719 and stars Amber Midthunder as Naru, a skilled warrior of the Comanche Nation who is fighting to protect her tribe against alien predators.

The movie has been received positively by both fans and critics, with talk since turning to the prospect of a sequel to the film. Director Dan Trachtenberg is seemingly on-board for a follow-up, telling Digital Spy he would keen to make another film.

“I’ve never stopped thinking about ways to make cool Predator movies from since I was a kid and throughout this whole experience, so it would be great to make more,” he said.

amber midthunder as naru, prey


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Meanwhile, Midthunder has revealed that she’s also on board for a second film, telling Variety: “I don’t have a date for you. This is not an announcement but I’m not saying it’s not. We talk all the time about all kinds of things and that was probably one.

“I’m ready. I loved that experience. I love that movie. I would be happy to, you know, see where else we can take it,” she added.

Prey is streaming on Disney+, where you can also watch Predator, Predator 2, and Predators.

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