Prescott man and woman accused in credit card fraud spree arrested in Oregon

A man and a woman, both of whom were on probation in previous cases, were arrested in Portland, Oregon, and charged with crimes including credit card fraud and forgery in Yavapai County, a Prescott police spokeswoman said.

Johnnie E. Applegate, 33, is accused of using multiple cards for fraudulent purchases, including ones believed to be counterfeit or stolen.

Applegate ‘s probation was revoked and Superior Court Judge Tina Ainley issued a warrant for his arrest.

He’s alleged to have stayed at several Prescott motels and hotels, each time paying with one of several stolen or counterfeit credit or debit cards he would offer until one was accepted, according to a police report.

In one case, he’s alleged to have stayed at Motel 6, where police found handwritten records of credit card numbers, notepads from other area motels, and “a bag of items from Hot Topic that appeared to be recently purchased (on a credit card) along with a receipt … the number on the receipt was found to have been used fraudulently at Hot Topic,” a police report said.

With Applegate was Danielle Detmer, 26. She was on probation as well, and it’s been revoked and an arrest warrant issued was issued for her.

The pair was arrested Sept. 3 and taken into custody in Portland without incident, Lt. Amy Bonney said.

Applegate was booked for 32 separate charges based on this and other unrelated cases. Charges include theft of means of transportation, theft, fraudulent use of a credit card, forgery, and failure to appear.

Detmer was booked on 12 charges based on this and other cases. Detmer’s charges include forgery, identity theft and possession of stolen property, among others.


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