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NEW YORK, Sept 14 (Reuters) – Late last month a media
advocacy group sounded the alarm over a hacking campaign aimed
at driving independent Hungarian media outlets off the internet.

They almost immediately became one the hackers’ latest

The Vienna-based International Press Institute said Thursday
that it had spent the past couple of weeks battling a digital
denial of service operation that drove it offline for at least
three days and is still ongoing.

“This ongoing cyberattack is the most brazen and direct
attack on IPI’s online infrastructure in our organization’s
history,” the group said in a statement. “It reflects a wider
and deeply alarming pattern of the abuse of digital tools by
malicious actors to attack and silence critical journalists and
those who work to defend them.”

The Institute said that the hack “appears to be in
retaliation” for its advocacy work in Hungary, where more than
40 media websites have been hit by denials of service over the
past few months. Denial of service, which works by overwhelming
servers with rogue web traffic, can effectively knock websites
offline, making it “form of digital censorship,” the Institute

The Institute has since engaged digital defense firm
Cloudflare Inc to help keep its site online, it said. It
called on Hungarian authorities to identify and hold the hackers
responsible to account.

Hungarian authorities did not immediately return an email
seeking comment on the hacking campaign.

(Reporting by Raphael Satter; additional reporting by Krisztina
Than, editing by Timothy Gardner)


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