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A number of reviews, interviews and some videos of the bonus features have been released as Prey comes out on home media this week. Firstly, a new interview can be found on SlashFilm with director Dan Trachtenberg.

He talks about Prey getting a physical release and goes into more detail about the deleted Treetop Chase sequence.  However, Trachtenberg remained coy when he was asked about any potential sequels to Prey.

Did you have to push for “Prey” to get a physical release? Or did the success on Hulu just convince Disney they were probably leaving money on the table by not releasing this to get physical media hounds after it?

On the one sense, yes, I had to push. But in another sense, the fans pushed, and I let them push me into the studio, and I pushed on the studio. Then, the studio pushed what they need to push. It really came from the desire of everyone online saying, “We must have discs.” And then, frankly, the head of the studio is a rare breed, in that he’s a fricking movie nerd. This guy, [20th Century Studios President] Steve Asbell, felt the same, and he has lots of movie box sets, and he knew his “Predator” one would be incomplete if this one didn’t get a physical release. So here we are.

I have to ask about potential sequels. Is there any progress on that front? Because the credits tease a follow-up, of course, and it would be the first “Predator” movie that actually would bring back the same character, at least if Amber Midthunder would come back. So is that something that you are developing? What’s the deal there?

I really just can’t speak to any specifics, but we put that in there for a reason, and we have never stopped. We were talking about what else we could do very early and have not shut our mouths yet. also have an interview with Dan Trachtenberg. He goes into a bit more detail about his love for film commentaries and why it was important to have him, Amber Midthunder, cinematographer Jeff Cutter & editor Angela M. Catanzaro recording together.

It’s almost a bit of a throwback, because a lot of releases nowadays don’t really have many special features. Prey has the commentary track, as well as the alternate opening and deleted scenes — there’s a lot of great content on here. How was it, going that extra mile?

Yeah, as I said, so formative for me. I didn’t want to do the commentary just with Amber Midthunder and I didn’t want to do one just with our DP [director of photography] or editor. Growing up, I loved listening to commentaries. One of the big ones for me was Can’t Hardly Wait. That had the directors and the whole cast, and it was such a party and they were having such a good time, and that was as entertaining as the movie was. Then you have commentaries with filmmakers and their team and their cinematographer and their editor that are less of a party, but so much more informative of the process. So [I] really was excited to combine both concepts and have it be a hangout between us all. So you get to hear some camaraderie, the perspective of the movie from the actor, and also get the perspective of the technicians.

There is another interview with Trachtenberg on The last interview with him can be found on where he talks about the origins of the Predator project, key scenes in the film and covers the deleted scenes on the disc.

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Bonus Features

Two of the features from the Prey Blu-Ray set have been published online. IGN have a 1m 27s behind-the-scenes clip which I think is from the 12-minute featurette on the Prey disc. Producer Jhane Myers talks about the cast and there are scenes showing the cast training for the role. Meanwhile, 20th Century Stuios have released one of the Prey deleted scenes in its entirety – the Treetop Chase scene that is purely in previz. You can find both features below:

Dan Trachtenberg’s Prey was released across home media on Tuesday in North America. The UK release is slated for November 27th. Have any of you guys managed to pick up Prey on 4K Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray or DVD yet?

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