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Prince Harry was back on the witness stand for a second day of testimony in his lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers for allegedly hacking his phone more than a decade ago. And the bombshells keep rolling in!

Today Harry testified as to the various ways the privacy of his past romantic relationships were compromised. In one instance, Harry accused MGN of planting a tracking device on the car of his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy. Harry further explained that the specific details that MGN published articles had about personal fights between him and Davy could only have been obtained illegally.

Regarding a fight that he and Davy reportedly had in 2007, Harry said on the stand, “I really cannot understand how the defendant’s journalists obtained such specific details for this article… Given the hours I was working at the time, it’s likely Chelsy and I did exchange voicemails even more often than normal, so I now believe that this information must have come from the hacking of our voicemails.”

He also rebuffed the idea espoused in the article that the intel was from “palace sources,” because according to Harry, he “certainly wasn’t discussing our relationship in these kind of details with anyone inside the Palace.” He added that he “never discussed any details with the Palace about my relationship with my girlfriend, so attributing such information to a palace source is incredibly suspicious.”

Harry further claimed that two reporters credited with writing another story can be connected to having paid private investigators on various occasions.

The testimony also took an emotional turn when Caroline Flack was brought up. Flack was a TV presenter who Harry dated in 2009, who tragically died by suicide in 2020. Harry was clearly emotional when speaking about Flack and reminding the court that she’s “no longer with us.” In speaking about the article mentioning a night out he had with Flack, in which paparazzi hid underneath a car where they were going to meet, Harry said, “I was so shocked —and livid — that the two photographers from … knew where we would be and were already there, waiting for us to arrive.” Harry claims he and Flack traded voicemails detailing where they planned to meet, but didn’t speak of it other than that — meaning for that information to come out he had to have been hacked.

Stay tuned for other details as reports of the Prince Harry testimony continue to emerge.


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