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Prince Harry won his case against a UK tabloid over alleged phone hacking.

A judge found there was sufficient evidence that Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) engaged in unlawful information gathering, and awarded Prince Harry £140,600 (around $180,000) in damages.

“I found that 15 out of the 33 articles that were tried were the product of phone hacking of his mobile phone or the mobile phones of his associates, or the product of other unlawful information gathering. I consider that his phone was only hacked to a modest extent, and that this was probably carefully controlled by certain people at each newspaper,” Judge Judge Timothy Fancourt wrote in the judgement summary. “However, it did happen on occasions from about the end of 2003 to April 2009 (which was the date of the last article that I examined).”

Prince Harry said in a statement that was read by his lawyer, “I have been told that slaying dragons will get you burned, but in light of today’s victory and the importance of doing what is needed for a free and honest press—it is a worthwhile price to pay. The mission continues.” (He has other legal battles ongoing.)

Per the BBC, the Duke of Sussex’s lawyer, David Sherbourne, said, “Today is a great day for truth as well as accountability.” MGN apologized for “historical wrongdoing,” with a spokesperson saying, “We welcome today’s judgment that gives the business the necessary clarity to move forward from events that took place many years ago. Where historical wrongdoing took place, we apologise unreservedly, have taken full responsibility and paid appropriate compensation.”

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